JEM Financial Offers New Diagnostic Options

JEM Financial is determined to offer the best in the medical equipment industry. This is why we are happy to announce we have a new company providing the latest technology, Embra Medical!

Embra aims to offer premium new diagnostic equipment and compatible aftermarket accessories at an affordable price to the U.S. and the international market. With a focus on improving access to quality medical equipment worldwide, the Embra line of products lets you avoid large stocking requirements, complex logistics, and long lead times.

The VS and MX series of premium patient monitors offer extreme accuracy with various parameters to fit your primary or secondary patient care needs. These monitors are designed with every situation in mind and come in various shapes and sizes. We carry their compact, patient, and vital signs monitors, with reporting options such as ECG, RESP, NiBP, SpO2, PR, 2-Temp, Arrhythmia, S-T Analysis, and OxyCRG. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales and support team would be happy to help you find the exact unit that fits your clinical patient care needs and a financing plan that you can rely on.

JEM’s rental and financing options allow you to acquire new or recertified units while spreading the cost over a manageable time, not requiring the unit’s total price up-front. JEM’s Financing Program also allows customers to bundle shipping, tax, service, and warranty when setting up a financing plan with our wide range of units and flexible options. This means no out-of-pocket costs or unexpected hidden fees! JEM has a fast and flexible process designed to ensure you receive the perfect solution for your unique situation.

Have a question about Embra’s Devices or a Renting/Financing Solution for you? JEM’s well-equipped customer service team is here to answer any question you need; give us a call at 833-791-2551!

Jake Beals
Rental and Finance Analyst
JEM Financial