You’re trying to decide whether to rent your equipment or to finance it. Since each organization is dealing with their own circumstances and budget situation, there is no black and white answer. Here are some benefits of financing and some important considerations when choosing whether to rent or finance your equipment.


When you know it will be a longer period, financing offers the lower monthly cost in exchange for the long commitment. Financing can be structured with a buyout period at the end of the term, in which you can choose to return the unit, or pay off the remainder of the cost and keep the unit(s). Financing allows your organization to spread out the cost of new or recertified equipment over a period of many months, instead of putting stress on your budget all at once. Depending how the agreement is structured, it can be referred to as a “capital lease” in which the equipment can typically be treated as a tax-deductible asset, but check with your tax professional for details. Financing provides easy budgeting and cash flow management, as well as options to own the equipment at the end of the term. Repairs and maintenance can be included in the agreement. Rentals and financing both come patient-ready with all necessary accessories.

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