Success Stories: Ikanos Emergency Management

JEM Financial is working around the globe to equip healthcare professionals like you on the front lines of lifesaving care and precaution. One example of a recent success story is Ikanos Emergency Management. Ikanos provides emergency medical and security solutions for events, and needed AEDs for mobile emergency teams and a multi-lead defibrillator/monitor for their on-site clinic for Lifest 2022.

Lifest Tennessee Festival, 2022 in Bon Aqua, TN, is a music festival attended by over 10,000 people at the end of July. Lifest brings family-friendly entertainment in a three-day event that features dozens of artists, camping, seminars, and more. Purchasing the required equipment would have cost nearly 70% of the entire emergency budget! Working with JEM Financial provided a short-term solution to lifesaving equipment at a fraction of the cost of ownership.

JEM Financial rented 20 Cardiac Science G3 AEDs and a Zoll X-Series Monitor to Ikanos, who placed the units across various medical kiosks and festival ground clinics. Strategically equipping these medical kiosks reduces response times down to 1-2 minutes should an SCA event occur. Ikanos’ placed the X-Series monitor inside the 24/7 on-site care clinic. While not as capable as an emergency room, this on-site clinic can deliver a wider variety of medical care than these medical kiosks.

The Lifest festival director said, “We are grateful to the Ikanos team and their connections for coordinating and executing effective on-site safety and security for our attendees, volunteers, and staff.” By providing a short-term rental instead of a purchase requirement, JEM was instrumental in providing that safety and security to the festival.

JEM’s rental and financing options allow you to acquire new or recertified units while spreading the cost over a flexible timeframe, not requiring the unit’s total price up-front. Our programs also allow customers to bundle shipping, tax, service, and warranty when setting up a financing plan with our wide range of units and flexible options. This means no out-of-pocket costs or unexpected hidden fees! JEM has a fast and flexible process to ensure you receive the perfect solution for your unique situation.

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Jake Beals
JEM Financial