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What is JEM?

JEM Financial was created in 2019 with a simple goal: provide a way for medical equipment customers to finance or rent new and pre-owned equipment to bolster their fleet without taking on the pricy burden of equipment purchasing.

We are proud to say we have come up with the solution. Our Financing Program allows customers to include tax, shipping, service, and warranty when you finance our range of options, which means no out-of-pocket costs or hidden fees! JEM has a fast and flexible process, ensuring that you receive the perfect solution for the situation.

Why Choose JEM?

  • Extensive, flexible options & customized plans to fit your Medical Equipment Financing needs
  • Rapid funding to help you maximize your profits and reduce expenses
  • 100% Financing Program available – no out of pocket costs
  • New and Recertified equipment options
  • Credit from Trade-In Units
  • Bundle options include repairs and maintenance