You’re trying to decide whether to rent your equipment or to finance it. Since each organization is dealing with their own circumstances and budget situation, there is no black and white answer. Here are some benefits of renting and some important considerations when choosing whether to rent or finance your equipment.


If you only need the equipment for a short period of time, renting recertified or new equipment will normally be your best option, although it carries a higher monthly cost. Rental periods can easily be extended to fit your circumstance. Terms can include free maintenance and repair, if required. At the end of the agreement, equipment is then returned to JEM Financial. Renting is great for trying out various makes and models before deciding what to purchase, or for ongoing access to the latest technology. A rental is often referred to as an operating lease in which the monthly payments are immediately expensed for tax purposes. Renting is typically the best solution for short-term equipment needs. Repairs and maintenance can be included in the agreement. Rentals and financing both come patient-ready with all necessary accessories.