Why are AEDs so Popular?

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) have gained attention and publicity recently due to several notable events. But what is an AED, and why are they so prevalent?

Life-Saving Power:

AEDs are highly effective in treating sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), a condition where the heart suddenly stops beating due to an irregular heart rhythm (not a heart attack). When used promptly, AEDs deliver a controlled electric shock to a victim’s heart, restoring its normal rhythm and greatly increasing the chances of survival.

Ease of Use:

AEDs are designed to be user-friendly. Designed to be used by bystanders to save a life, AEDs are simple and can be operated by individuals with minimal or no medical training. AEDs provide clear, step-by-step voice and visual instructions, making them accessible to bystanders during emergencies.

Success Stories:

There have been countless documented cases of AEDs successfully saving a life during sudden cardiac arrests. These success stories have further reinforced the importance of having AEDs readily available in various environments. AEDs were especially highlighted during the Monday Night Football incident with Damar Hamlin, where trained responders delivered a shock and saved Damar’s life. You can’t plan for an emergency, but you can always be prepared for one.

Advancements in Technology:

AED technology has improved significantly over the years. Modern AEDs are more compact, lightweight, and sophisticated, offering features like voice prompts, multiple languages, visual aids, self-testing capabilities, and data storage. These advancements make them more accessible, more reliable, and easier to use.

Legal and Regulatory Support:

Recently, many states and municipalities enacted laws or regulations requiring many public spaces, schools, parks, and workplaces to keep and maintain an AED. This legal reinforcement has increased the number and placement of AEDs in public settings, saving more lives each year. Introduced in the Senate this year, the Access to AED Act 2023 requires the Department of Health and Human Services to award grants to local educational agencies (LEAs), including public charter schools operating as LEAs under state law, to promote student access to defibrillation in elementary and secondary schools. This grant, like many others, makes acquiring an AED a financial reality for many.

Availability and Accessibility:

AEDs are now widely available for purchase or the budget-friendly option of renting. JEM Rentals and Financing allows you to rent an AED for as low as $75/month, a fraction of the cost of purchasing outright. Additionally, renting lets you allocate operational budget instead of capital budget. Our ordering process is simple, and we have in-stock AEDs ready to ship anywhere in the US. We also offer custom plans to meet any need. This flexibility and accessibility make it easier for individuals and organizations to acquire AEDs. Buying or renting an AED is affordable, and you can’t put a price on peace of mind. Give us a call at 833-791-2551 or fill out a contact form online. Our friendly and experienced team is excited to help answer any questions you may have about these life-saving devices.