Posted on February 13, 2024February 13, 2024

JEM is Now MME Rentals!

JEM and MME: A Match Made in Heaven Master Medical Equipment, a leading distributor of new and recertified medical equipment, and JEM Rentals and Financing, a premiere medical equipment rental service provider, are pleased to announce their merger, forming a strategic partnership to strengthen their market position and provide enhanced customer service. This merger combines the strengths of two industry leaders, combining MME’s extensive distribution network with JEM’s expertise in rental services. The newly formed entity will operate as an … Continue reading “JEM is Now MME Rentals!”
Posted on December 15, 2023February 13, 2024

Section 179: Tax Codes that Save You Money

No one wants to think about taxes more than they have to, but the end of the year is when using tax codes like Section 179 can help you save money by spending money. Medical practices require a lot of expensive equipment, which can burden its budget, especially smaller clinics and hospitals. However, investing in reliable medical equipment is necessary to continue providing quality patient care and remain an efficient business. As we near the end of the year, we … Continue reading “Section 179: Tax Codes that Save You Money”
Posted on August 30, 2023September 6, 2023

Why are AEDs so Popular?

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) have gained attention and publicity recently due to several notable events. But what is an AED, and why are they so prevalent? Life-Saving Power: AEDs are highly effective in treating sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), a condition where the heart suddenly stops beating due to an irregular heart rhythm (not a heart attack). When used promptly, AEDs deliver a controlled electric shock to a victim’s heart, restoring its normal rhythm and greatly increasing the chances of survival. … Continue reading “Why are AEDs so Popular?”
Posted on April 3, 2023April 13, 2023

Five Advantages to Renting Medical Equipment

Emergency medical equipment is essential to any healthcare service, from defibrillators and ventilators to infusion pumps. Even temporary clinics at significant events need outfitting with AEDs and other emergency equipment. But the question arises – should you rent or buy the equipment outright? While buying the equipment outright may seem logical, renting medical equipment can actually be the best option for EMS, ambulance services, clinics, and event medical. This article will explore the benefits of renting medical equipment compared to … Continue reading “Five Advantages to Renting Medical Equipment”
Posted on November 3, 2022November 14, 2022

Success Stories: Ikanos Emergency Management

JEM Financial is working around the globe to equip healthcare professionals like you on the front lines of lifesaving care and precaution. One example of a recent success story is Ikanos Emergency Management. Ikanos provides emergency medical and security solutions for events, and needed AEDs for mobile emergency teams and a multi-lead defibrillator/monitor for their on-site clinic for Lifest 2022. Lifest Tennessee Festival, 2022 in Bon Aqua, TN, is a music festival attended by over 10,000 people at the end … Continue reading “Success Stories: Ikanos Emergency Management”
Posted on August 12, 2022August 22, 2022

Solutions from Click-to-Clinic

Defibs, stretchers, infusion pumps, suction units, monitors, and ventilators are all used daily in EMS rescues and transferring patients to a hospital setting. In the wake of a pandemic, budgets are tight, and lead times for equipment are lengthy. Supply chain issues are leading to delays in more equipment. With the current economic climate, increased cost of gas, lack of funding, and rising equipment prices, large and small emergency medical practices lack the budget and equipment to serve their community. … Continue reading “Solutions from Click-to-Clinic”
Posted on June 15, 2022June 15, 2022

JEM Financial Offers New Diagnostic Options

JEM Financial is determined to offer the best in the medical equipment industry. This is why we are happy to announce we have a new company providing the latest technology, Embra Medical! Embra aims to offer premium new diagnostic equipment and compatible aftermarket accessories at an affordable price to the U.S. and the international market. With a focus on improving access to quality medical equipment worldwide, the Embra line of products lets you avoid large stocking requirements, complex logistics, and … Continue reading “JEM Financial Offers New Diagnostic Options”
Posted on May 25, 2022June 15, 2022

Renting or Leasing Infusion Pumps

As we approach the halfway mark in 2022, hospitals, clinics, and EMS agencies are making strides to recover from the pandemic. Now, many of their efforts turn to financial adjustments to fund new equipment, replacing the overused units from recent years.It’s no secret why you need new equipment. Old equipment is used repeatedly, and older equipment can lack integrity and accuracy even when calibrated, which could lead to life-threatening problems. The question is: do rental or finance options provide better … Continue reading “Renting or Leasing Infusion Pumps”
Posted on May 24, 2022June 22, 2022

Advantages to Renting Your Medical Equipment

Life is full of choices. Snooze or wake? Paper or plastic? One of the numerous choices facing medical professionals today is deciding to rent or finance their capital medical equipment. Whether you aim to increase your fleet for an event, prepare your providers for a seasonal surge, or stock a new facility, renting is a timely and budget-friendly solution that can help you reach your goals. Here are several factors to consider when making an educated decision to acquire equipment … Continue reading “Advantages to Renting Your Medical Equipment”
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Are You Making The Most of Your Tax Write-offs? 

With tax season on the horizon, many medical companies are looking to make the most of their hard-earned cash while also getting the most out of any available tax breaks. Now, despite new COVID variants, the world is choosing to push onward. Companies are reopening and are almost in full swing again, and now companies need to make equipment purchases, but budgets for new equipment may be stretched thin. A solution? Renting or financing can allow for purchasing the equipment … Continue reading “Are You Making The Most of Your Tax Write-offs? “