Renting or Leasing Infusion Pumps

As we approach the halfway mark in 2022, hospitals, clinics, and EMS agencies are making strides to recover from the pandemic. Now, many of their efforts turn to financial adjustments to fund new equipment, replacing the overused units from recent years.It’s no secret why you need new equipment. Old equipment is used repeatedly, and older equipment can lack integrity and accuracy even when calibrated, which could lead to life-threatening problems. The question is: do rental or finance options provide better options for your operation than traditional purchasing? Both renting and financing can have advantages, depending on your budgetary and clinical requirements.

A great example of the need for calibrations is infusion pumps. Infusion pumps need to be calibrated to maintain their accuracy when infusing various IVs into patients. New technology is constantly growing and improving the quality of these pumps, making the current standard of quality and patient safety higher and higher. Pumps carry many costs of ownership besides just initial purchasing cost. Clinical managers will have to prepare for spending decisions such as replacing old units, repairs and calibrations, quality of replacement parts, etc. Renting pumps through JEM is an easy way to bypass those extra costs and decisions, since we offer regular maintenance and service for free in our rental package.

So what is the best course of action? Well, that depends on what your budget is. Renting is a fantastic option to keep a unit for as long as you need it, with no worries of warranty or maintenance. Another significant benefit of our rental service is time flexibility, so you don’t have to hang on to a device longer than you need it. Not to mention receiving tax benefits that allow you to cite renting as a business expense, enabling the maximum tax write-off at the end of the year.

What if you’ve decided to purchase equipment but don’t have the large budget to buy units outright? JEM offers premium financing plans tailor-made to you. Purchase the infusion pump you need over the timeframe you want!

JEM Financial is designed to bring you the most out of what you need from life-saving medical equipment and nothing you don’t. Our specialists at JEM Financial are happy to assist with a quote for your specific needs. See what we can do for you! Start our easy process of requesting a quote online, or give us a call today.

Jake Beals
Rental and Finance Analyst
JEM Financial